Cedros Alpamayo – Santa Cruz 10 Days / 9 Nights

Cedros Alpamayo Santa Cruz Trek


Located to the north site of Cordillera Blanca, where you will enjoy about impressive azure, green turquois glacier lakes, which are lies at foot of huge snowcapped peaks as, Alpamayo mount, Quitaraju mount, Santa Cruz mount, Pucajirca group, Artezonraju mount, Caraz mount, the most of passes are between 4500 m – 4850 m with spectacular panorama views. As well as you will have option to see the major part of Cordillera Blanca, on the way to descent you will enjoy dense Andean vegetation, picturesque mountain settlements, and wild animals.

• Maximum altitude: 4860 m. (Osoruri pass).
• Difficulty: Moderate – hard.
• Duration: 10 days /9 nights.
• Preferred time: April – October.
• Location: Cordillera Blanca.
• Average temperature: Between 13° C – 23° C during the day/ at night -03°C to – 1°C.


DAY 1: Huaraz at (3100m) – Hualcayan village at (3139m) – Wishcash camp at (4400m). (Trek time: 4 hours (ascend) / driving up time: 3 hours).
Departure from Huaraz at 8:00 am, we will drive to the north side along Callejon de Huaylas on paved road until Caraz at 2200 m, then we will deviate to the north – east on dirt road until Hualcayan village at 3139 m. From Hualcayan we will start walking up on many switchbacks, on steep hill, enjoying amazing view to the west about Cordillera Negra and Hualcayan village, after 5 hours walking up we will get our first camp site at Wishcash at 4400 m, from this camping spot we will enjoying the gorgeous sunset. Overnight camp at Wishcash.

DAY 2: Wishcash at (4400m) – Osoruri pass at (4860m) – Osoruri camp at (4600) (Trek time: 5 – 6 hours (ascend & descend).
After our breakfast we will start walking up toward pristine Cullicocha Lake, when we just get Cullicocha we will enjoy the azure glacier lake with impressive Santa Cruz mount to the background, continue walking up we will get to highest point of the trek at Osoruri pass at 4860 m, after that we will descent until camp site Overnight camp at Osoruri.

DAY 3: Osoruri camp at (4600) – Vientunan pass at (4770m) – Jancarurish camp at (4250m). (Trek time: 5 hours (ascend & descend).
This beautiful day we will start walking up toward Vientunan pass at (4770m), then we will descend on switchbacks trail, enjoying on the way the amazing pre Inca archaeological site of Auquispuquio on the north hill, the most of that part was agricultural area, as soon as we reach Jancarurish valley we will see the spectacular pyramidal shape of Alpamayo mount, which is also see from the camp site. Overnight camp at Jancarurish.

DAY 4: Jancarurish camp at (4250m) – Cara Cara pass at (4830m) – Huillca camp at (4000m). (Trek time: 6 hours (ascend & descend).
After our breakfast we will start walking up toward Cara Cara pass at 4830 m, where we will be on continental divide, and also we will cross the Cordillera Blanca from west to east, then we will descend on Conchucos valley until reach to second pass of Mesa Pata at 4460 m, where we will have lunch enjoying the mountain view as: Pucajirca group at 6050 m, mount Tayapampa at 5657 m, and north – west face of Alpamayo mount, then we will continue walking until our camp site at Huilca. Overnight camp at Huillca.

DAY 5: Huillca camp at (4000m) – Yanacon pass at (4610m) – Jancapampa camp at (3600m). (Trek time: 6 hours (ascend & descend).
After our breakfast we will start walking up toward Yanacon pass at 4610m, where we will see mount Pucajirca at 6050 m, Sactaycocha Lake where we will have lunch, after that we will continue walking down until our camp site at Jancapampa.
Overnight camp at Jancapampa.

DAY 6: Jancapampa camp at (3600m) – Tupa Tupa pass at (4360m) – Huecrococha camp at (3900m). (Trek time: 6 hours (ascend & descend).
This day we will see beautiful sunrise on the north – east face of Taulliraju mount at 5830 m, then we will have breakfast, after that we will start walking up toward Tupa Tupa pass at 4360 m, on the pass we will enjoy taking pictures about mount Taulliraju and Ancash jungle, and finally we will descend until our camp site at Huecrococha. Overnight camp at Huecrococha.
DAY 7: Huecrococha camp at (3900m) – Pucaraju pass at (4640m) – Tuctu camp at (4200m). (Trek time: 6 hours (ascend & descend).
After our breakfast we will start walking up toward Pucaraju pass at 4640 m, where we will enjoy beautiful snowcapped peaks as: Taulliraju at 5830 m, Pucajirca group at 6050 m, Artezonraju at 6025 m, Chacraraju at 6112 m, Yanapaccha at 5460 m, Chopicalqui at 6354 m, and mount Huascaran at 6768 m, finally we will walk down until Tuctu camp site at 4200m. Overnight camp at Tuctu.

DAY 8:Tuctu camp at (4200m) – Punta Union pass at (4750m) – Alpamayo base camp at (4300m). (Trek time: 6 hours (ascend & descend).
This day we will start walking up on moderate with some steep section toward Punta Union pass at 4750 m, when we just reach the pass we will enjoy splendid view on clear day, many snowcapped peaks around us such as: Taulliraju at 5830m, Pucajirca at 6050 m, Quitaraju at 6040m, Artezonraju mount at 6025 m, glacier lagoons as Taullicocha, Arhuaycocha, Jatuncocha and Ichiccocha lake on Santa Cruz valley, then we continue with our trek, we will walk down Taullipampa until Arhuaycocha. Overnight camp at base camp of Alpamayo mount.

DAY 9: Alpamayo base camp at (4300m) – Llamacoral camp at (3760m). (Trek time: 5 hours (descend).
After our breakfast we will visit beautiful turquoise glacier lagoon of Arhuaycocha at 4450 m, where we will enjoy impressive view about huge sharp mountains around us: Quitaraju at 6040 m, Alpamayo at 5947 m, Pucahirca at 6050 m, Artezonraju at 6025 m, Caraz 6025 m, then we walk down along Santa Cruz valley, on the way down passing by Jatuncocha lake, where we will have lunch, then we continue walking down until Llamacoral camp site at 3750m. Last night camp at Llamacoral

DAY 10: Llamacoral camp at (3760m) – Cashapampa at (2970m) – Huaraz. (Trek time: 4 hours (descend)/ driving time: 3 hours).
After our breakfast we will start walking down toward Cashapampa village at 2970 m, where our private transport is waiting us to bring Huaraz.

• Qualified trekking guide.
• Cook specialized in normal and vegetarian dishes.
• Full first aid kid.
• Camping equipment (double sleeping tent, matrass, and etc.).
• Equipment and cook tools (cook tent, utensil kitchen, and more).
• Personalized service of Peruvian Mountain Summit.
• Donkey driver, who is allowed to drive 5 donkeys.
• Donkey service to transfer our trek equipment.
• Private transport from Huaraz – Hualcayan / Cashapampa – Huaraz.
• Meal during the trek (breakfast, picnic, dinner).
• The meal contain enough carbohydrate to recover the lost energy during the trek (omelet, soup, fresh fruit, meats, pasta, raze, hot drinks, coca tea, which is ideal for altitude sickness).

• You should do early book to get special discounts.
• For booking validation you should deposit a 40% of total price, and rest 60% you pay when you arrive to Peru or Huaraz.
• Our accommodation service has hot water, private bathroom, TV with cable connection, restaurant, cafe shop, which is located at down town.
• Bus service from Lima – Huaraz – Lima with “Cruz del Sur or Movil tours” with Wi-Fi connection.
• Our trek rates can change according the book time and number of participants, contact with us for more information please.

– Entrance ticket fee to Huascaran National Park 65.00 soles.
Alimentation in Huaraz city.
– Sleeping bag (adequate -15° C).
– Tips.

– Trekking boots.
– Polar Tec or wool gloves.
– Sun hat.
– Polar Tec or wool cap.
– Sun glasses UV protection.
– A bag pack between 40 l to 70 l.
– Waterproof jacket Gore-Tex.
– Waterproof pants Gore-Tex.
– Water bottle.
– Sun scream.
– Headlamp with extra batteries.
– Personal first aid kid.
– Hiking poles.
– Overcoat clothes.
– A camera.
– Sleeping bag -15° C.
– Personal toilets and small synthetic towel.
– Sandals.

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