Qampa y Ausangate summits – 9 days / 8 nights

In this 9 days trek we’ll climb two summits and walk all the way around Ausangate mountain.


ausangate-10-300x2251st day – CUSCO – RODEANA – UPIS
We’ll leave Cusco at 7:30am to take a private transport to the pueblo of Rodeana, at 3700mts. From Rodeana we’ll walk till the Upis campsite, at 4210mts, which will be a 4 hour hike approximatedly.

Early in the morning we’ll start our walk to the Ausangate viewpoint, crossing the Azulcocha Valley, with beautiful turquoise lagoons. We’ll camp at Pachaspata, at 4750m, arriving there around 3pm. This day we’ll have dinner and sleep very early, to prepare ourselves for the ascent of Qampa.

To the ascent of Qampa we’ll leave the base camp at 4am. After a 1h30 walk we’ll reach the glaciar and keep ascending till the Summit, on a route without technical difficulties. We’ll reach the summit around 8h30am. We’ll descend on another trek, towards Ticllecocha lagoons, where we’ll campa t 4600m. From the summit till the next campsite it will be a 3h30 walk approximatedly. We’llhave the afternoon to relax, explore the laggons and get prepared for the hike up to Ausangate base camp.

 cropped-img_4292.jpg4th day – TICLLECOCHA – CAMPO BASE AUSANGATE
This day we should start walking around 8am. After crossing some low passes, we’ll descend till the base camp, at 4800m, which is already pretty close to the morrein. We’ll get there around 12pm. Our next two days of trekking will be going up, so this day we should haver dinner and sleep early.

Another short Day of walking, but when only the basic camping equipment and all the climbing gear will be taken to the morrein campsite, for the horses won’t come up with us. From the base camp to the morrein campsite (5370m) we’ll walk for approximatedly 3h30, all the way going up. Each client will have to carry their personal things, sleeping bag, climbing gear.

ausangate26th day – CAMPO MORRENA – SUMMIT – CAMPO BASE
For the ascent of Ausangate we’ll be getting up at midnight. Our route is on the south face of the mountain and we should get to the summit around 6am, after crossing the glaciar, climbing up a 120m wall and walking on the arris. To descend we’ll rappel down the 120m of the wall and get back to morrein campsite on the same trek. We’ll Pack our gear and then go back to the base camp, where we’ll spend the night.

baixa-IMG_42997th day – CAMPO BASE – PUCCACOCHAS
After breakfast we’ll start our 5 hours walk to the Puccacochas campsite. We’ll cross the Palomani pass (5160m), with spectacular views of Ausangate and Mariposa mountains. Then  go down to Puccacochas campsite. In this área there are beautiful glaciar lagoons to be explored.

This Day we’ll walk for approximatedly 6 hours till Upis campsite. There are hot springs nearby, perfect for relaxing after the trekking. To get there we have to cross the Arapa pass (4650m).

9th day – UPIS – TINKE – CUSCO
A day with a easy 3hour stroll donw to Tinke and then take our private transport to Cusco, where we should arrive around 4pm.

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